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Read  the latest JHR Speak! Issue
Volume 10: What We Missed in the News

Speak! can be found on the stands in Leacock and Redpath.

The most recent issues of Speak! can found here:

Speak! Volume 10, Issue 1

Speak! Volume 8, Issue 2
Speak! Volume 8, Issue 1

Speak! Volume 6, Issue 4
Speak! Volume 6, Issue 2
Speak! Volume 6, Issue 1



 Past Issues of Speak! newspaper:

Speak! Volume 5, Issue 3
Speak! Volume 5, Issue 2
Speak! Volume 5, Issue 1

Speak! Volume 4, Issue 5
Speak! Volume 4, Issue 4
Speak! Volume 4, Issue 3
Speak! Volume 4, Issue 2
Speak! Volume 4, Issue 1
Speak! Volume 3, Issue 2
Speak! Volume 3, Issue 1


If you are interested in submitting articles or photographs to Speak! or in helping with layout/design, please email


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