JHR Exec

Meet the Exec for 2014-2015!
All the Execs can be contacted by emailing jhrmcgill@gmail.com.

President: Anne-Rachelle Boulanger

VP Advocacy: Shehzad Sewani 

VP Events: Emily Southey 

VP Newspaper: Stephanie Fehertoi and Jacob Frackson 

VP Layout: Stephanie Willsey

VP Radio: Catherine Gao

VP Television: Devni Walpola and Twisha Kini

VP Communications: Brittany Curry-Sharples

VP Internal: Wilkey Rong 

We welcome your thoughts, questions, and inspiration! You can reach us at jhrmcgill@gmail.com and join our Facebook group, Journalists for Human Rights McGill.


One thought on “JHR Exec

  1. Dear Campus Leaders,

    I wanted to personally invite you all to our Big Panel Event tomorrow on the Complexities of Development Aid. It is at 6pm in Strathcona M-1, and refreshments will be served after. For more info, see below!

    Warm regards,

    Daniel Eden
    Engineers Without Borders
    McGill Chapter

    Event info:

    Perspectives: The Realities and Intricacies of Development & Aid

    What is ‘Development’? Is it a western ideal, or is it a necessity? An obligation in today’s global society? What are the roles of non-governmental organisations, government, and Canada in this tremendous pursuit? What is your role?
    For a deeper look at these questions, join the discussion on March 11th at EWB’s panel event, featuring MP and CIDA critic Glen Pearson and Exec. Director of Oxfam Canada, Robert Fox.
    Time: 6pm – Thursday, March 11th
    Location: Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building
    Auditorium M-1
    Tickets: free for students, $10 for professionals
    Tickets are available at the EUS office from Diane or at the SSMU

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