Exec Elections 2015/2016

We are holding elections for a new exec team!
Anyone is welcome to apply for an exec position. In order to apply, send a short 100-200 word blurb to jhrmcgill@gmail.com explaining who you are and why you are applying for this position. Include your blurb in an email with the subject heading “Name: Position” (ex. Amy: VP Communications).
All candidates’ blurbs must be received in the account by March 26. We will hold a general meeting the week of March 27th during which voting will take place, and successful candidates will be announced at the end of the meeting.
Following exec elections, we will have a few weeks of an exec-transition period, where our current exec will pass on their knowledge to new exec.
If you have any questions about the application process or the positions, please let us know! Our current exec are happy to explain their positions and roles.
Positions Available (From the JHR McGill Constitution):
1. The role of the Chapter President is to:
• Represent JHR and act as a liaison between the Chapter and the Head Office

• Act as chairperson for all general meetings and executive meetings

• Co-sign financial transactions with the treasurer

• Coordinate the overall activities of the club

• Maintain the accessibility of the club to all members
2. The role of the VP Internal is to:
• Ensure financial transparency of the club

• Research potential grants, sponsorships and donors

• Prepare financial statements to be submitted to JHR and to SSMU

• Prepare and maintain a budget for the year

• Collect receipts for out-of-pocket expenditures and issue reimbursement

• Keep all receipts/statements for the incoming VP Internal

• Co-sign all financial/legal transactions with the President

• Prepare applications for grants and subsidies internally and externally

• Collect any member fees approved by the Executive Committee

• Conduct all activities and responsibilities concerning the SSMU (e.g. room bookings, audits, office request forms, etc.)
3. The role of the VP Advocacy is to:
• Act as a representative to the JHR McGill Chapter outside of the university, as well as to other clubs and services related to the mandate

• Coordinate educational events with the VP Events

• Coordinate advocacy campaigns either solely or in conjunction with other human rights groups

• Support reporting on current human rights issues by the Newspaper, Radio, and TV teams
4. The role of VP Events is to:
• Coordinate educational events (e.g. speaker panels and film screenings) with the VP Advocacy

• Organize fundraisers (e.g. samosa sales, parties, and pub nights)
5.  The role of VP Newspaper is to:
• Organize the publication of the chapter newspaper

• Coordinate article submission and editing
6. The role of VP Layout is to:
• Coordinate the layout and photo selection of the chapter publication (knowledge of InDesign is extremely helpful!)
7.  The role of VP Radio is to:
• Coordinate the creation of radio shows
• Ensure that radio team members receive the necessary CKUT training
8.  The role of VP Television is to:
• Coordinate the creation of human rights documentaries

• Ensure that TV team members receive the necessary training

9. The role of the VP Communications is to: 

• Maintain a detailed list of chapter members
• Provide notice of chapter and executive meetings
• Keep minutes and distribute agendas at executive and general meetings
• Maintain the JHR McGill Chapter website, listserv with current information to ensure accessibility of the club to all members
• Coordinate publicity for JHR events and opportunities to promote JHR throughout the McGill community
• Keep all club graphics, artwork, and documents on file

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