Bill 60: The Quebec Secular Question

The Charter of Values was a piece of legislation proposed by the Parti Québécois, the former provincial government of Quebec, that would ban the wearing of conspicuous religious attire by public sector workers. The bill has since died as the PQ lost to the Quebec Liberals in the April 2014 provincial elections; however the discussion is still relevant as the public debate surrounding the proposed legislation has shown how polarized Quebecers are over the issue. Furthermore the Liberals have expressed partial support for a the PQ’s vision of a secular charter, exactly what this entails is uncertain as of yet.

This documentary has sought out the opinions of students and professors at McGill University and l’Université de Montréal. It seeks answers with regards to the efficacy of such secular legislation from an ethical and a legal point of view.

Produced by the JHR McGill TV Portfolio


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