Welcome to winter semester with jhr!

Activities Night

Activities Night will be held in SSMU on Thursday, January 19. Stop by to be part of a jhr workshop, or simply to say hello and learn more about the club. Looking forward to seeing you there!

General Meeting

Stay tuned for the date and time of our bi-annual general meeting. Everyone (new members, old members, anyone who thinks they might be interested in jhr) is welcome to come out to this event. Exec will discussing their portfolios and plans for the semester, and there will be an opportunity to talk to the exec and join their teams. We always welcome new members!

Rights in Black and White

Come out to jhr’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Friday, January 20th at Muzique nightclub! This is a formal event – come dressed to impress in your best black and white! Tickets are 7$ and can be purchased in advance by calling/texting Inna at 514-594-2449 or stay tuned for tabling locations next week. Join the facebook event here. Ladies get free drinks before midnight!

Highlights from last semester

A big shout out to everyone who was involved in any way with jhr last semester. We had a hugely successful term. For just a few examples of the work we accomplished, visit the Newspaper page to read two new issues of Speak, or the Advocacy page to see a video produced for Hollerday. Also stay tuned for our very own TV team’s documentary, coming soon!


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