jhr McGill needs you to “holler” and drink. Y’dig?

On Nov 1st and 2nd (Tue and Wed), we will be set up in the SSMU kiosk from 11 am to 5 pm with information on sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its effect on lives/communities. We will have a video camera to record your “holler” for a short video. Come speak your mind on the use of sexual violence in warfare, who needs to be held accountable, the importance of the media in regards to human rights, etc. Anyone can come learn and give their input! When you participate, you will get discounted admission to…

Come grab some drinks on Thursday, November 3rd at Brutopia (1215 Crescent St, 10 pm, come to the second floor). For just $5 (and only $2 if you come “holler” at SSMU!), you can enjoy some fantastic live music from Pat Lesyk and HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS ALL NIGHT! You’ll have an awesome time and all of your friends are going. See you there!

All funds raised on HollerDay will go towards Journalists for Human Rights’ efforts to pressure local authorities in the Congo to protect women, men and children from being raped. jhr has been working with local media in the DRC for the past three years. As a result, there has been greater media exposure and demands for accountability.


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