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Rights in Review: Call for Submissions!

Posted on by justineabigail on December 13, 2010

Rights in Review is jhr’s bi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal. Through scholarship addressing human rights awareness and improving peace and security, jhr looks to provide a forum to exchange ideas from a variety of perspectives regarding the pressing human rights and social justice issues of our day.  This volume of Rights in Review aims to address themes around media and development and how the Communication Age and its many tools are aiding in the advancement of human rights.

We are now accepting submissions for our 3rd volume of Rights in Review until January 30th, 2011.  For a full list of guidelines please click here.

All submitted articles will be subject to an impartial, peer-review process, in addition to an anti-plagiarism program.

For more information, please contact our Youth Engagement Coordinator Ken Zolotar at

Want to work a human rights documentary film festival?

We are looking for:

Media Coordinator

He/she will be responsible for the coordination and follow through of local press releases, community news, McGill out reach, etc. The coordinator will be working with the JHR head office for major media outlet distribution as well. The coordinator will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a social media presence. We’re looking for someone organized with promotional experience and communication skills. Bilingualism is an asset.

Sponsorship Coordinator

He/she will be responsible for the recruitment of sponsors, but mainly establishing working relationships with sponsors. We’re looking for someone personable with strong communication skills. Bilingualism is an asset.

Community Partnership Recruiter

He/she will be the link between JHR and other organizations partnering with us on DOCFEST. The recruiter will be networking with like-minded organizations and will be responsible for cross-organizational promotion and cooperation. He/she will work in tandem with the Media Coordinator. Again, the recruiter should preferably have strong communication and organizational skills. Bilingualism is an asset.

Graphic Computer Designer

We need the designer to help aestheticize the website, and design for the promotional activities of DOCFEST. We’re open to different skill sets.


He/she should be comfortable with overseeing all inflows and outflows of cash – must be highly organized, and readily available as finances concern all parts of the organization of DOCFEST.

Please submit a CV and letter of intent to by January 31th if interested. Please indicate the position(s) you are applying for in the e-mail subject. The film festival is scheduled for sometime in early April, so please only apply if you will be available for the majority of the winter semester.



Journalists for Human Rights Concordia: Official call-out for submissions

Journalists for Human Rights, Concordia will be hosting a spoken word/ poetry reading/ word artists‘ Night4Rights on February 12, 9-11:30 pm at Shaika Cafe in NDG.
The goal is to raise awareness on human rights, using our ability with words in any form, so that everyone can enjoy living with dignity.

We are currently looking for submissions on any human rights-related topic, such as, but not limited to:
~~ local – international – war – peace – poverty – environment – rant- water – pollution – food – trade – labour – politics – health – sanitation – academic – financial – law- professional – age – race – gender ~~

Write something new, or submit something that has stood the test of time.
Music is also welcome.
There are no guidelines – please be creative.
Have your say.
Multiple submissions are welcome from everyone.

The deadline for submissions is 7 pm on February 10
Submit to


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