Reporting Back from the Streets of Toronto: A panel discussion on journalism, activism, and human rights during the G20 protests

& launch of Journalists for Human Rights McGill’s “Freedom of Assembly” issue of Speak! magazine

Tuesday, October 19th, 7pm, McConnell Engineering 13, McGill University

Over three months ago, the Toronto G20 Summit ended with the largest mass arrests in Canadian history and reports of human rights violations by police. Journalists played a key role, as some focused on burning cop cars while others ended up in jail or on the wrong end of a police baton. Amidst continued calls for a full public inquiry, the role of journalists, citizen media, and activists in reporting on human rights issues in Canada is up for debate.

Journalists for Human Rights McGill presents a panel discussion of the experiences of journalists and McGill students during and after the G20, with footage from the protests. A Q&A period will follow. Please note that we are committed to providing  a safe(r) space for all those who experienced trauma during the G20.

Our panelists:

JUSTIN GIOVANNETTI is the editor-in-chief of The Link newspaper. Working an analog profession in a digital world, Justin went online and into the streets for the G20 Summit in Toronto.

LEX GILL is a media activist and blogger at Concordia University. Together, Justin and Lex broke the story about the illegal conditions at the 629 Eastern Ave detention facility.

DANA HOLTBY is a fourth year Environment and International Development student at McGill. Dana works on water justice issues with Climate Justice Montreal and is a volunteer with the Native Friendship Center’s Inter-Tribal Youth Center.

JOEL PEDNEAULT is an undergraduate student at McGill. He was arrested while speaking French during the G20 and is currently involved in the Québec student movement.

MANISHA AGGARWAL-SCHIFELLITE is a fourth year History student at McGill. She interned with The Real News Network during the G20 Summit.

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