Sept 21st: General Meeting & VP Events Elections

For new folks interested in getting the overview of what jhr does and how you can get involved and for folks wanting to get more involved this year! The execs will all be there to explain jhr and our media and events teams will have their first planning meeting of the semester. We encourage all current and potential jhr members to attend!

5:30pm, Tuesday September 21st
Lev Bukhman Room (2nd floor of SSMU/Shatner)

We will also be holding elections for our VP Events. Here are the candidates:

Dave Huehn

The opportunity to work with the McGill chapter of JHR is extremely appealing to me. Social justice is a goal I value highly; JHR provides an ideal platform for working towards this. I’m looking for an effective and worthwhile group to work with – consistent recognition from both SSMU and members of the McGill community affirm the quality and dedication present at JHR McGill.
My past experiences as an event organizer have provided me with the skills to work effectively within JHR. Past event planning experiences include running the 30 Hour Famine; AUS’s Event Planning Committee; VP Events for CSAUS; Executive VP for BWV; and being O-Staff Coordinator for AUS Frosh. In addition, I sat on BWV’s executive for three years and on CSAUS’s executive for one. Complimenting this are my experiences as an editor for the Canadian Studies journal and as VP Communications for BWV for two years.

Riham Reza

I am a U3 Economics major with minors in Political Science and extended Economics. My choice of courses, to date, has been an array of economics of the developed and developing world and the politics of mainly developing nations, which has given me the required knowledge to be able to support and advocate JHR. I am also currently interning (Communications) at the Social Justice Committee in Montreal, an organization that not only shares similar a mandate, but also is comprised of the same conscientious individuals as JHR. I feel it also gives me a wider media platform and networking abilities needed for planning and promoting events. I do have prior experience in promotions and event planning (this includes product and event promotion and event planning for fashion shows and plays) but none for a McGill based group. My prime motivation for this position is to be involved in creating activities on campus and build relationships as well as increase JHR’s reach within McGill and Montreal as I hope to see more public interest in international issues and social advocacy.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved but can’t make the meeting, please send us an email at!


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