Get involved in 2010-2011!

As always, there are tons of exciting ways to get involved with jhr McGill this year. Check out each team’s page for more info or just read messages from the execs below! (Note: This was originally circulated as part of our July listserv announcement; if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please email us at

Get excited for jhr 2010-2011!
Hi jhr! As the incoming jhr McGill President, I am really excited to make jhr even bigger and better this year. And of course we are only as awesome as our members, so I look forward to hearing your ideas at our newspaper, radio, TV, and events meetings or anytime by email at As always, this coming year we’ll be offering tons of great opportunities for rights media publication and broadcast as well as academic publication in jhr’s national journal. Check out what else jhr gets up to at and stay in touch by joining our Facebook group!
See you in September,
Maggie Knight
jhr President 2010-2011
Join our new Advocacy team!
In 2009-2010, jhr McGill hosted numerous events, and realized that organizing fundraisers, human rights awareness events, and social events for our members was too much work for one exec (even with a dedicated team of volunteers)! We also wanted to be able to dedicate more energy to the local, national, and international issues that jhr members are passionate about. If you would like to get involved in organizing human rights awareness events and creative advocacy campaigns, email Kaitlyn at!

We find ways to amuse ourselves during slow periods while tabling on campus.

Get involved with our up-and-coming TV team!
After a successful kick-off year for jhr’s TV team in 2009-2010, Beatrice will be working with the team this year on human rights documentaries of various lengths. Email her at if you have an idea for a story or want to learn more about film production!
From your VP Radio, Abby Plener:
Attention Radioheads! jhr McGill is hoping to expand the role of the jhr radio team for the 2010-2011 school year. Committee members will have the opportunity to get in touch with McGill’s CKUT radio community, get some insight into radio journalism, and pursue stories they feel passionate about. If you’re interested in radio, media, journalism, or just meeting a bunch of awesome people, get involved in jhr Radio this year!
From your VP Newspaper, Sarina Isenberg:
Speak! Magazine is a great opportunity for aspiring journalists to engage in critical news reporting.  Speak! covers news and opinions stories that are local, national, and international.  We publish two magazines per semester and are always looking for people to help with brainstorming, writing, editing, photography, and layout.  Our first issue of the year is going to be on the topic of “Freedom of Assembly”.  We will be examining the right to protest and instances when these rights are violated, or when people abuse these rights.  We encourage you to get started writing articles now.  If you have any questions regarding the magazine, please send an email to Sarina at
From your VP Layout, Mookie Kideckel:
Hey jhr! I hope you’re as excited as I am to keep improving the most exciting part of any publication – layout! This year we’ll be adding pictures, playing with some font types and sizes, and adding some colour and interactivity to the online version of Speak! And, of course, none of it can happen without your help. Your photos, your articles, and your ideas on what looks good are what will make the jhr magazine keep making even more waves from year to year. So whether it’s writing, pictures, or aesthetics you do best come on out and help with jhr layout! (Please)

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