jhr McGill Executive Elections: March 25th, 2010

Come out to vote for next year’s executive! Make your voice heard and have a say in choosing your student leaders!

March 25th, 2010 / 6-7 pm / SSMU B30

Here are your candidates:

VP Newspaper
Sarina Isenberg
My name is Sarina Isenberg and I am running for the position of VP newspaper.  I am entering into my final year of the English Literature Honours program.  I have been involved with JHR the past two years and I would to continue to be a part of this fantastic group.  Two years ago, I helped organize the Train-the-Trainer conference, and this past year, as VP External, I organized a film screening with Cinema Politica, a Human Rights Internship Panel with the Arts Internship Office and helped out with other events.  I have also been quite active with Speak Magazine, both as a contributer and editor.  I would like to be VP Newspaper because I think as a Literature student with a passion for journalism, I can contribute a lot to the publication.  In terms of my relevant past experience, in the past three years I have served as Director of McGill Global AIDS Coalition, VP External for Journalists for Human Rights, Senior Editor for Channel (The Department of English Students’ Academic Undergraduate Journal), VP Communications for First Year Council, and Journalist for The McGill Daily and the Bull and Bear Magazine.

Vicky Tobianah
Since I started McGill, I’ve slowly gotten more and more involved with politics and journalism. I have developed a passion for politics and for writing and these passions have encouraged me to use my writing skills for advocacy – of human rights, of free expression and of democratic rights. I believe JHR values these principles as well and that is why I would love to be part of JHR. I know I would be an excellent candidate because I am a strong writer, a team player and I love to take initiative. I would like to see the JHR newspaper become a staple of our student life on campus because I think it truly contributes to positive academic discourse. I would like to expand our readership and our members to include a diverse student body. It is something that every student can contribute to and can appreciate. JHR is such a worthy cause and I would love to become more involved and help make JHR’s paper the best paper it can be.

VP Advocacy
Kaitlyn Shannon
My name is Kaitlyn Shannon and I would like to run for the position of VP Advocacy. I have been involved with JHR since I first came to McGill, and thus have written articles for Speak for almost two years. Last spring, I participated in JHR’s Train-the-Trainer conference and I later became a member of the coordinating team for this event, which was held in September.
I am a second year IDS and Political Science student, and thus the mandates and interest areas of JHR are relevant to my areas of study.  I am excited to use what I learn in my classes to enhance my contributions to JHR.
In addition to organizing Train-the-Trainer, I have plenty of other experience as a coordinator. In high school I was student council president and also representative of my school to a district leadership group, which organized various conferences and events throughout my city.
I am passionate about making human rights known and wish to become more deeply involved with JHR. I am eager to make JHR more prominent on campus and in the Montreal community by coordinating with other campus groups and organizations to spread our important message and inspire action.

Portia Crowe
As a U1 IDS student hoping to pursue a career in Journalism, I was excited to discover Journalists for Human Rights. I got involved with both the Events team, helping plan and sell tickets for Rights in Black and White, and the News team, writing and editing for Speak!. I am now running for VP Advocacy and plan to use my communication skills to collaborate with other campus clubs as well as services outside of the university.
I have actively taken part in several clubs both at McGill and while attending university in England last year. There, I organized fundraisers for my university’s Amnesty International chapter and awareness-raising campaigns for our Green Team. I also helped plan and market our production of the Vagina Monologues. This year I am involved with Oxfam McGill, UNICEF McGill, Helping Darfur, and the McGill Daily. As VP Advocacy, I would work to establish better connections with these groups and others–to coordinate educational events like speaker panels and to share fundraising ideas.

I have enjoyed my experience with JHR and would love the opportunity to further my involvement by representing the club to the rest of campus and to the greater community!
And Meet Your Acclaimed Candidates:
President: Maggie Knight
After three years with jhr McGill and two years on the Executive (VP Communications 08-09 and VP Internal 09-10), I am running for the position of President. A U2 Environment & Economics student, I have a passion for the connection between journalism and social and environmental justice issues and significant experience in campus organizing.  I have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of jhr and am excited to lead us to new heights! I have experience with jhr’s Speak! newspaper (writing, editing, and layout), facilitating jhr Train the Trainer conferences, working with SSMU on jhr’s behalf, managing our communications, and coordinating our exec. If elected, I would like to work with our radio and TV teams to increase their profile and hold more club-wide events so members of the different teams get to know each other!
VP Internal: Kartiga Thavaraj
Hi! My name is Kartiga and I would love to be jhr McGill’s VP Internal for the 2010-2011 school year! This year as VP Events, I organized many events for jhr including Samosa sales, Rights in Black & White, Speak Silence, tabling at conferences such as SSUNS, and two Brutopia pub nights!  While planning all these events, I realized that my strongest abilities lie in organization and coordination—two skills that I look forward to cultivating further as your VP Internal next year.  Over the two years that I have been with jhr, I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to maintaining and upholding the organization’s extremely worthy mandate, and its reputation both on and off campus.  I look forward to continuing this tradition next year, and hope that you will allow me to do so by voting me, Kartiga, for VP Internal!
VP Radio: Abby Plener
My name is Abby and I’m a U2 English major with minors in History and Political Science. Throughout my involvement with JHR, as a participant and facilitator at the Train-the-Trainer conference, and as a member of the Radio and Newspaper teams, I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and intelligence of its members. As someone very interested in media, communications, and global issues, I would love to work with the JHR team as VP Radio. In addition to my involvement with JHR, I also serve as a Communications Officer for the Darfur Sudan Peace Network, and previously interned at Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, an NGO in Toronto. I am currently studying abroad at the University of Cape Town and volunteering with and after-school program that teaches local high school students about journalism.
VP TV: Beatrice Paez
My interest in the position:
1.      I like being involved with JHR because it has given me so many ways to express my interests in writing and production.
–       I’ve been involved in JHR’s various activities – newspaper, layout and TV/documentary making
2.      I want to help sustain momentum for this new section and perhaps to build on the project that we started on the state of health care for Aboriginals in Canada.
Skills + Contributions
1.      I’m resourceful and creative – I was able to access a pool of contacts for the documentary we are working on and contributed to research findings
2.      I’m experienced – I was heavily involved in film production in high school and volunteered as a mentor for Youth, Camera, Action!
–       a program for youth interested in film offered Planet in Focus, an NGO that hosts an international environmental film and video festival in Toronto.
3.      I’m enthusiastic and committed – I can do a great job because I’m familiar with the goals that we need to set as a team
VP Communications: Kallee Lins
After a year of experience on the jhr exec, I would like to run for the position of VP Communications.  jhr Mcgill has so many amazing projects going at all times, and I want to tell the world about them.  Although it took awhile, I finally have a handle on those pesky listservs, and would love to keep jhr’s web image up to date… twitter anyone?  I am the current VP Communications for NDP-McGill and have a gigantic love for Gmail.
If elected, I plan to bring more of a marketing element to the portfolio, including helping to coordinate event publicity.
VP Layout: Mookie Kideckel
I have extensive experience with student media and a tremendous appreciation for what they bring to intellectual discourse on campus.  I am also fully aware of the implications of different layout decisions and what they communicate about the the publication’s content (in fact I just finished a primary source analysis of newspaper coverage for my historical methods class).  I am also experienced with using photo editing, word processing, and publishing programs on Mac and Windows, and am a quick learner adept at technology.  I also have experience serving on an executive, both throughout high school and as the president of Hillel McGill this year, and am a strong team-member eager to help out and work with other board members.  I would love to be involved in making Speak! a dynamic and approachable newsletter, and hope you will consider me for the position.
VP Events: Morgane Suel
I think I’d be a great candidate for the VP Events position because of my character as well as my work with Kartiga. Being on the events team this year allowed me to get a feel for what is expected from someone occupying this position, and I feel like I would fulfill and potentially exceed such expectations. Not only do I have experience in the matter (I’ve organized and held a samosa sale for the JHR TV documentary crew that I’m a part of, and I’ve helped Kartiga with this year’s Rights in Black and White), but my personality is very compatible with this position. I’m very outgoing, organized, and most importantly, I like to have a good time (meaning that the events we put on will always blow everyones’ socks off)!

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