JHR Executive Elections

Tuesday March 24th, 8-9pm
Lev Bukhman Room (2nd floor of SSMU)
(right after the Film Screening)

We hope to expand next year’s executive to include two more positions. All members are welcome to run for any executive position. Candidates’ pen sketches will be sent out via the listserv and posted here closer to the date.

The positions are:
VP Finance
VP Internal
VP External
VP Newspaper
VP Radio
VP Communications
VP Layout (new)
VP Events (new)

If you would like to run for a position, please send a short outline (under 200 words) of why you would like to run and why you think you would do a good job to jhrmcgill@gmail.com by Sunday, March 15th with the subject line “Candidate: [position]”, e.g. “Candidate: VP Finance”.

You can check out https://jhrmcgill.wordpress.com/meet-the-exec/ to see profiles of the current exec members. If you have any questions about any of the portfolios, or did not receive the position descriptions by email, please feel welcome to email jhrmcgill@gmail.com.


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