Short Film Screening: March 24th, 7pm

Lev Bukhman Room (2nd floor of SSMU)
Part of JHR’s role is to build awareness of human rights issues around the world. So come out and learn together from two short, poignant documentaries. Chips and salsa will be served. Stick around for the Exec Elections right afterwards!

Picking up the Pieces (7:00pm)
After two decades of war and displacement, ongoing talks between the government and rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) could finally bring peace to the people of northern Uganda. But how will people settle the past – with forgiveness or retribution? And what challenges does the future hold? In keeping with its long-standing commitment to address the humanitarian crises of northern Uganda, IRIN Films’ production, Picking up the Pieces, explores these issues. Should the rebels be tried before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, or face a system of local justice? How will the issue of land ownership be addressed now that hundreds of thousands of the displaced are returning home? How will communities restore tradDeadly Catchitional values eroded by more than a decade of camp life?

Deadly Catch:  Lake Victoria’s AIDS Crisis (7:30pm)
More than 20 years since the discovery of the AIDS virus, and despite huge advances in the prevention and treatment of the disease, AIDS is still decimating communities across Africa. This is the story of one such community. Winner of the United Nations Documentary Film Festival award for best feature for feature documentaries over 15 minutes in 2006.

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