Speak up, nationally!

REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS – email pitches to info@jhr-ubc.ca by OCTOBER 31st

Speak Magazine is seeking feature submissions for its upcoming issue, “The Children’s Right to Speak.”

Speak is the Journalists for Human Rights’ annual national magazine, organized this year by the University of British Columbia chapter. For this issue we are focusing on the rights of children. We will seek to address issues surrounding the subject using primarily originally reported literary journalism. Topics include anything relating to the rights of children in Canada or abroad, be they profiles of people and organizations involved in children’s rights, investigations into rights violators, stories about children themselves, case studies, success stories, or any related story. The stories we are seeking must be between 1000–3500 words and can be written by anyone (and here we caution it is difficult to report on overseas issues without being able to travel overseas).

As Speak is a bilingual magazine, we will be accepting submissions in both English and French. (Articles will appear in both French and English, with translation service provided by Journalists for Human Rights.)

These articles will be the magazine’s showcase stories and final drafts will be due in February (with earlier drafts due, yes, earlier). We will also be sending out a call for shorter and visual-based stories shortly.


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