Meet the Execs for 2008-2009!


President. Mary is an Arts and Science student who has played an active role in Journalists for Human Rights for the past two years. She currently is the President of the McGill club and coordinates its many activities from fundraising events to the Speak! newspaper and radio show.

VP Radio
VP Radio. Steph has been the VP External of JHR McGill for the past two years. This year, she is taking up the new post of VP Radio, marking the rapid expansion of JHR McGill’s on-campus activities. Stephanie is excited to work with you and the rest of the exec for her last semester here at McGill.
VP External. Roshni is a U2 International Development Studies student and this is her second year involved in JHR. She is responsible for all of the external relations of the club. She will be extensively involved in event planning and networking as well as recruiting new members to the chapter. As well as serving on the exec of JHR, she is also on the exec of the IDS Students society and does some theatre work around McGill.

VP Finance. Dan is a PoliSci student specializing in Canadian Studies. He does the budget reports for SSMU and the JHR head office and generally makes sure our finances run smoothly. He will also be working on fundraising this year.
VP Newspaper. Sarah is a U1 Arts student majoring in IDS. This is her second semester with JHR. As VP Newspaper she is responsible for coordinating newspaper themes and articles, as well as editing and layout work. She welcomes all types of writing to the Speak! newspaper.
VP Internal. Manisha is in U1 in the Faculty of Arts. She has been involved with JHR for one year, and now operates under the title of VP Internal. She is also involved in the production of Speak!

VP Communications. Maggie is a U1 Arts and Science Environment student, and has been involved in JHR for a year. She is responsible for communications to the listserve, keeping the facebook group and website up to date, and taking notes at meetings. She also enjoys working on layout for Speak! newspaper and generally trying to be in too many places at once.

We welcome your thoughts, questions, and inspiration! You can reach us at


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