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Published by SSMU, the student society of McGill University

Bill 60: The Quebec Secular Question

The Charter of Values was a piece of legislation proposed by the Parti Québécois, the former provincial government of Quebec, that would ban the wearing of conspicuous religious attire by public sector workers. The bill has since died as the PQ lost to the Quebec Liberals in the April 2014 provincial elections; however the discussion is still relevant as the public debate surrounding the proposed legislation has shown how polarized Quebecers are over the issue. Furthermore the Liberals have expressed partial support for a the PQ’s vision of a secular charter, exactly what this entails is uncertain as of yet.

This documentary has sought out the opinions of students and professors at McGill University and l’Université de Montréal. It seeks answers with regards to the efficacy of such secular legislation from an ethical and a legal point of view.

Produced by the JHR McGill TV Portfolio

Faith and Freedom: A Panel on Human Rights and Religion

Journalists for Human Rights in collaboration with Amnesty International presents Faith and Freedom. The areas of focus will include the intersection of religion and human rights in media (specifically: freedom of press), politics (fundamentalism, social movements and uprisings, religious tribunals), and daily practice (religious education, dress, etc.)

We also hope to achieve a greater understanding about the effects of religion on the human rights movement – and vice versa – in regards to minority groups (particularly women, children, and LGBTQ).

Dr. Julie Norman is in the Dept of Political Science; she teaches courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Middle East foreign policy, and human rights. She is the author of two books on unarmed resistance in Israel-Palestine, and she has also published on media activism, legal advocacy, and urban planning in the Middle East. Other research interests include international law, refugees, and prison/detention policies.

Jon Waind teaches a course on religion and human rights. His thesis research will focus on how to approach the vulnerability of children in a pluralist society; it will be the aim of this research project to articulate a way of doing justice to children that takes into account the pluralism of our contemporary social context.He also has research interests in Christian ethics, political theology, political theory, and the interface between religion and globalization.

Rev. Neil Whitehouse is McGill’s Ecumenical Chaplain; he was ordained by the British Methodist Church in 1992 and has worked in international and national youth work, local London churches and founded a spiritual and social well-being centre in Soho, central London, serving ‘lesbians, gay men and their friends’ with a multi-faith approach. He joined McGill’s Chaplaincy in 2010 and is a representative of the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Feel free to comment with what you want to hear from our speakers!The Journalists for Human Rights McGill University Chapter is a group of students actively engaged in informing their community about human rights issues through media campaigns (print, radio, and TV) and other campus projects.

visit http://jhrmcgill.wordpress.com/ or email us at jhrmcgill@gmail.com for more info, or to get involved!

Check out the online edition of Speak!, our chapter magazine, at jhrmcgillspeak.wordpress.com

JHR EXEC Elections (2013-2014)

It’s that time of year again…we are holding elections for a new exec team!
Anyone is welcome to apply for an exec position. In order to apply, send a short 100-200 word pensketch to jhrmcgill@gmail.com explaining who you are and why you are applying for this position. Include your pensketch in an email with the subject heading “Name: Position” (ex. Amy: VP Communications).
All candidate pensketches must be received in the account by March 26. . We will hold a general meeting the week of March 27th during which voting will take place, and successful candidates will be announced at the end of the meeting.
Following exec elections, we will have a few weeks of an exec-transition period, where our current exec will pass on their knowledge to new exec.
If you have any questions about the application process or the positions, please let us know! Our current exec are happy to explain their positions and roles.
Positions Available (From the jhr McGill Constitution):
1. The role of the Chapter President is to:
• Represent JHR and act as a liaison between the Chapter and the Head Office
• Act as chairperson for all general meetings and executive meetings
• Co-sign financial transactions with the treasurer
• Coordinate the overall activities of the club
• Maintain the accessibility of the club to all members
2. The role of the VP Internal is to:
• Ensure financial transparency of the club
• Research potential grants, sponsorships and donors
• Prepare financial statements to be submitted to JHR and to SSMU
• Prepare and maintain a budget for the year
• Collect receipts for out-of-pocket expenditures and issue reimbursement
• Keep all receipts/statements for the incoming VP Internal
• Co-sign all financial/legal transactions with the President
• Prepare applications for grants and subsidies internally and externally
• Collect any member fees approved by the Executive Committee
• Conduct all activities and responsibilities concerning the SSMU (e.g. room bookings, audits, office request forms, etc.)
3. The role of the VP Advocacy is to:
• Act as a representative to the JHR McGill Chapter outside of the university, as well as to other clubs and services related to the mandate
• Coordinate educational events with the VP Events
• Coordinate advocacy campaigns either solely or in conjunction with other human rights groups
• Support reporting on current human rights issues by the Newspaper, Radio, and TV teams
4. The role of VP Events is to:
• Coordinate educational events (e.g. speaker panels and film screenings) with the VP Advocacy
• Organize fundraisers (e.g. samosa sales, parties, and pub nights)
5.  The role of VP Newspaper is to:
• Organize the publication of the chapter newspaper
• Coordinate article submission and editing
6. The role of VP Layout is to:
• Coordinate the layout and photo selection of the chapter publication [knowledge of InDesign extremely helpful!]
7.  The role of VP Radio is to:
• Coordinate the creation of radio shows
• Ensure that radio team members receive the necessary CKUT training
8.  The role of VP Television is to:
• Coordinate the creation of human rights documentaries
• Ensure that TV team members receive the necessary training

Thank you!

Tune into our Speaker’s Panel Discussion on Women’s Rights tonight!

Date: March 20th (5:30pm)

Today we are hosting a Speaker’s Panel on Women’s Rights featuring…
MARINA NEMAT – Author of The Prisoner of Tehran and After Tehran.http://www.marinanemat.com/

JUNIPER GLASS – Senior Director, Strategy and Partnerships of Girls Action Foundation http://girlsactionfoundation.ca/

SAMSAM AHMED – Former President of Women’s Place Ottawa, prominent human rights activist, and social worker.

Professor NARENDRA SUBRAMANIAN: Associate Professor of Political Science at McGill University. Expert in ethnicity, nationalism, religion, gender and race, and family law, primarily in India. http://nsubramanian.wordpress.com


1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped in their lifetime
Between 100 and 140 million women have experienced genital mutilation/cutting
A parliamentary report found that 1 out of 10 women experience domestic abuse on a regular basis IN CANADA
Canada has 582 KNOWN cases of murdered/missing aboriginal women


Click here to watch our fascinating event live: http://embed.scribblelive.com/Embed/v5.aspx?Id=89475&ThemeId=8613

Welcome to winter semester with jhr!

Activities Night

Activities Night will be held in SSMU on Thursday, January 19. Stop by to be part of a jhr workshop, or simply to say hello and learn more about the club. Looking forward to seeing you there!

General Meeting

Stay tuned for the date and time of our bi-annual general meeting. Everyone (new members, old members, anyone who thinks they might be interested in jhr) is welcome to come out to this event. Exec will discussing their portfolios and plans for the semester, and there will be an opportunity to talk to the exec and join their teams. We always welcome new members!

Rights in Black and White

Come out to jhr’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Friday, January 20th at Muzique nightclub! This is a formal event – come dressed to impress in your best black and white! Tickets are 7$ and can be purchased in advance by calling/texting Inna at 514-594-2449 or stay tuned for tabling locations next week. Join the facebook event here. Ladies get free drinks before midnight!

Highlights from last semester

A big shout out to everyone who was involved in any way with jhr last semester. We had a hugely successful term. For just a few examples of the work we accomplished, visit the Newspaper page to read two new issues of Speak, or the Advocacy page to see a video produced for Hollerday. Also stay tuned for our very own TV team’s documentary, coming soon!

jhr McGill needs you to “holler” and drink. Y’dig?

On Nov 1st and 2nd (Tue and Wed), we will be set up in the SSMU kiosk from 11 am to 5 pm with information on sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its effect on lives/communities. We will have a video camera to record your “holler” for a short video. Come speak your mind on the use of sexual violence in warfare, who needs to be held accountable, the importance of the media in regards to human rights, etc. Anyone can come learn and give their input! When you participate, you will get discounted admission to…

Come grab some drinks on Thursday, November 3rd at Brutopia (1215 Crescent St, 10 pm, come to the second floor). For just $5 (and only $2 if you come “holler” at SSMU!), you can enjoy some fantastic live music from Pat Lesyk and HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS ALL NIGHT! You’ll have an awesome time and all of your friends are going. See you there!

All funds raised on HollerDay will go towards Journalists for Human Rights’ efforts to pressure local authorities in the Congo to protect women, men and children from being raped. jhr has been working with local media in the DRC for the past three years. As a result, there has been greater media exposure and demands for accountability.

jhr 2011-2012 Executive Elections: Call for Candidates

Submissions of Candidacy DUE: Sunday March 27th, 5pm
Elections: Wednesday March 30th, 5:30pm in the Break Out Room (2nd floor of SSMU)
We’ve had an amazing year at jhr McGill, and it’s time to elect next year’s executive. Any SSMU student is eligible to run  and to vote as long as you are on our listserv and/or one of our media or events teams.
To celebrate one of our accomplishments this year, we’ll be kicking off elections event by showcasing our TV team’s short documentary on tuition hikes.

The positions are:
VP Internal
VP Advocacy
VP Events
VP Newspaper
VP Layout
VP Radio
VP Communications

The descriptions of the positions from our constitution are below. You can also check out http://jhrmcgill.wordpress.com/meet-the-exec/ to see profiles of the current exec members. If you have any questions about any of the portfolios, please feel welcome to email them to jhrmcgill@gmail.com.

To submit your candidacy, please send a short blurb (under 200 words) of why you would like to run and why you think you would do a good job tojhrmcgill@gmail.com by Sunday, March 27th at 5pm with the subject line “Candidate: Position” (e.g. “Candidate: VP Layout”). We will email out these statements in advance of the elections. Voting will take place in person on March 30th after 5:30pm in the Break Out Room (2nd floor of SSMU).
Elected candidates will be expected to attend a transition meeting in April (don’t worry, we’ll try to schedule it around everyone’s exams…).
From the jhr McGill Constitution:
5.1 The role of the Chapter President is to:
• Represent JHR and act as a liaison between the Chapter and the Head Office
• Act as chairperson for all general meetings and executive meetings
• Co-sign financial transactions with the treasurer
• Coordinate the overall activities of the club
• Maintain the accessibility of the club to all members
5.2 The role of the VP Communications is to:
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